Rodriguez High School Top Students

Sydney Adams

Next year: Go to UC Berkeley as a math major. Career goal: Mathematician. Highlights: Robotics, math. Scholarships, awards: Lots of things. In 10 years: Rich.

Kate Andersen

Next year: Attend a four-year college as a civil engineer major. Career goal: Civil engineering. Highlights: Being a Link Crew leader, passing all of my AP exams, and maintaining above a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete, Academic Honors, Highest Honors. In 10 years: I hope to have a steady, full-time engineering job.

Camille Antonio

Next year: Attend a community college. Career goal: Pursue my dream as a professional dancer/model while I do photography and art on the side. Highlights: The late night work I put in to complete my work/study. Other highlights include the fun times I had with my close friends at the lunch table. Scholarships, awards: Honor Roll. In 10 years: Traveling across the world for dance/modeling jobs.

Namit Aulakh

Next year: Going into college for pre-med. Career goal: Doctor. Highlights: Spending time with friends in sports. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete every semester. In 10 years: I see myself working in a hospital or clinic helping improve health care.

Simren Binning

Next year: UC Davis. Career goal: I want to go into the health care field and then travel to underdeveloped countries or to places in need of health care. Highlights: I was in leadership and was class president all four years. I played soccer and badminton and had two jobs while maintaining above a 4.0 GPA. I was also in Link Crew and national honor society. Scholarships, awards: Scholar athlete award and AP Scholar with honor award. In 10 years: I see myself traveling the world and helping others. I hope to get my master’s or even my doctorate.

Karan Binning

Next year: Attend UC Davis to major in biology. Career goal: Physician. Highlights: Attending school events, hanging out with friends and meeting new people. Scholarships, awards: High school academic awards. In 10 years: I see myself doing residency in order to become a physician.

Jason Booker

Next year: Attending the United States Air Force Academy. Career goal: Pilot. Highlights: Being an all-league baseball player and getting a 5 on the AP Physics exam. Scholarships, awards: 2021 College Board National Recognition Programs. In 10 years: Being a pilot for the Air Force.

Anysia Callejo

Next year: I was accepted to UC Davis as a statistics major. I’m looking forward to studying there, meeting different people, and furthering my education. Career goal: I hope to have a career where I can make analyses in the medical field or to research real-world problems to help find solutions. Highlights: Being president of Key Club. I’ve really enjoyed all aspects of serving as president, from leading to organizing volunteering events for our community. I’ve been able to make friends with my members and get to know them, even through distanced learning. Some of my best memories also came from my hard work at swim. Every bus ride with my teammates on the way to swim meets and every time I improved my swim times was a great moment and a memory that I cherish. Scholarships, awards: Highest Honors, nominated Student of the Year, five Scholar-Athlete Awards, Honor Roll, placed first and second in Monticello Empire League Swim competition, Key Club Officer of the Month, and have been Key Club President. In 10 years: I see myself working at a career that helps others. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and I’m hoping that in 10 years I will be able to follow through with that by finding solutions for real-world problems with my statistics major.

Matteo Castaneda

Next year: Attend Solano Community College for two years then transfer to a UC school. I plan to major in psychology but then change it to cognitive sciences when I transfer. Career goal: Something along the lines of neurological research or analyzing brains as an expert in different court cases. Highlights: Becoming the President of the Latinos Unidos Club for two years. I was able to connect with so many individuals who could relate to me and I was able to give back to my community. Additionally, spending time with friends made school events, such as football games and homecoming, very special. Scholarships, awards: AP Scholar with Honors during my junior year for passing all four AP exams, Honor Roll. In 10 years: I hope to have found a steady job in the field of cognitive sciences and computation. With the money that I will earn, I hope to have my student loans under control and my life (partially) under control. “Hi, it’s me from the past, what’s popping?”

Naomi Chang

Next year: I will be going out of state for college and exploring new cities. Career goal: I haven’t decided yet, but hopefully a career that brings me happiness. Highlights: Spending time with my friends and watching films in French class. Scholarships, awards: National Merit Commended Student, National Merit Rural and Small Town Recognition. In 10 years: I see myself surrounded by the people I love and appreciating life.

Logan Cherry

Next year: I am going to Sierra College to continue my water polo career and complete my general education. Career goal: I want to be a lawyer to start. After obtaining enough experience in the law environment, I will run for a government position. Highlights: Winning ASB Vice President, obtaining the MEL All-League Award my junior year, being a part of creating such a more inclusive school culture, helping to plan different and fun events, and water polo. I was lucky to be a part of leadership where I was able to help plan events and make the school a better place. Scholarships, awards: Highest Honor Roll Award, MEL All-League Award, the Captains Award for water polo, best defensive for water polo, and most improved my freshman year, Scholar-Athlete award for every year of high school and nominated for the Dale Lacky Award and scholarship. In 10 years: I will have become a lawyer and started working at a law firm while working toward obtaining a PhD.

Karthika Chidambaram

Next year: I’m studying bioengineering at UC Riverside. Career goal: Biomedical engineer. Highlights: Included marching band and tennis. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: I see myself working as a biomedical engineer, specifically prosthetics.

Carlos Cortes

Next year: Attend UC Santa Cruz. Career goal: Electrical engineer. Highlights: Winning TOC, being tuba section leader, and keeping up with the rest of the wrestling team. Scholarships, awards: Most favorite son 2K21. In 10 years: Relaxing with my wife.

Mauricio Curiel

Next year: I plan to learn a lot in the fields of computer sciences and programming. I’m looking forward to using what I learn to begin developing some of my many app ideas. I will be taking internships with tech firms to fortify my abilities and to better understand their real-world applications. Career goal: My dream job is any software engineering position with Google. Highlights: Becoming the president of my school’s robotics club, being promoted to the varsity wrestling team and getting a 5 on the AP Computer Science Principles exam and a 4 on the AP Physics I exam. Scholarships, awards: Yearly, I have received an athletic award and an academic athlete award. Nominated for the last semester star for my academic achievement. In 10 years: I hope to have a good home in the center of Silicon Valley. I’d like to think that I’ve made connections with fellow Googlers and that I’ve worked my way up the ladder to lead a team. I expect to be working on an idea I had that Google wants me to pursue during work hours because they recognize its potential.

Dominique De Guzman

Next year: Attending UC Davis. Career goal: Marketing or advertising. Highlights: Color Guard – freshmen year, Homecoming Skit – junior year. Attending most of the football games with friends. Scholarships, awards: Awards for academic excellence. In 10 years: I see myself traveling the world.

Kristine Ezrah De Leon

Next year: Attending a community college majoring in pre-health and transfer to a four-year after. Career goal: Nurse/nurse practitioner. Highlights: Being part of Honors Society and Teen Advisory Board for Fairfield-Cordelia Library. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: I see myself working in the hospital and caring for newborn babies.

Vivian Do

Next year: Attend university and work to achieve my undergraduate degree in biological sciences. Career goal: Nurse or physician’s assistant. Highlights: I have done varsity swim for all four years of high school and went on to compete at sectionals my freshman and sophomore year. I did Leadership for my sophomore and junior years. I am a part of the clubs Link Crew and National Honor Society and have been since my junior year. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: I see myself working in a hospital where I am hopefully providing care for people inside and out of my community.

Betool Elgassier

Next year: Attending a four-year university (undecided at the moment) to double-major in international relations and legal studies. Career goal: I hope to work in foreign service (diplomacy)! Highlights: Winning homecoming princess freshman year and powderpuff. Scholarships, awards: Merit Scholarships and Grants at a few different schools. In 10 years: I see myself, most likely, still in school pursuing various higher education degrees.

Paul Elliott

Next year: Go to Solano Community College for my general ed. Career goal: Real estate agent. Highlights: Playing football and wrestling. Scholarships, awards: Nothing that I’m aware of. In 10 years: A very successful real estate agent and investor.

Natalie Frenkel

Next year: Attend CSU Long Beach, majoring in industrial design. Career goal: I don’t have a set goal, but I would like to do something in creative marketing. Highlights: Being a part of leadership, swimming, and being able to spend time with my friends! Scholarships, awards: n/a. In 10 years: I see myself living in Southern California, hopefully with a degree and a cute apartment.

Anisa Garcia

Next year: I plan to be in my freshman year of college at the University of Houston. Career goal: Self-sustaining artist and small business owner. Highlights: Joining and contributing to the RHS Book Club and Sewing Club. I just recently won third place for my Pet Rock sculptures in the FSVAA Art Show. Scholarships, awards: None so far. In 10 years: I hope to have a successful business that highlights my artwork.

Kaitlyn Garrigan

Next year: Four-year university (I haven’t made a decision yet on what school I will be attending). Career goal: Architect/interior designer. Highlights: Being a part of the first RHS varsity girls soccer team to win MELs. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete Award Perfect Attendance Athletic Award. In 10 years: Working at a large architectural firm and being a part of a major project.

Emily Graham

Next year: Attend Diablo Valley College. Career goal: Extremely successful businesswomen or an esteemed psychologist! Highlights: Being on varsity badminton all four years and becoming captain this year, maintaining a high GPA while working 30 hour weeks every week/weekend, getting good scores on my AP tests. Scholarships, awards: None. In 10 years: I see myself at the top of my career field while striving to improve myself in all ways possible.

Mikayla Gregory

Next year: Attend UC Davis as a social science major. Career goal: Unsure of career, yet. Highlights: Being Color Guard Captain and traveling with friends. Scholarships, awards: Color Guard MVP for three years. In 10 years: I see myself working in a field that helps people on a large scale and being successful in my job. Hopefully, I am living in Southern California.

Emily Hefner

Next year: Going to a four-year college to study psychology and minor in music. Career goal: Therapist or a high school psychology teacher. Highlights: Performing at Rodchella, playing tennis for four years, homecoming dances, football games, President of Faith Love and Care Club. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete Award, Honorable Mention on Le Grand Concours (French National Test), RHS Idol Winner, National Honors Society Member, Tennis MEL winners. In 10 years: I see myself out of college and starting to build up my career. I hope to be traveling the world as much as possible and potentially being married at this point.

Nicole Heicklen

Next year: Continue my education at UC Davis, San Jose State University or Cal State Long Beach. If I decide to reside locally for school, I will also continue my employment at Chick-fil-A. Career goal: Mechanical engineer for NASA or SpaceX. Highlights: A prominent high school memory was being the football manager for our school football team. Friday nights were ecstatic and thrilling, as everyone got together to cheer on our team with music, food, and games. It was an exciting and unforgettable way to kick off the school year. I definitely miss the energy from football season and consider it one of my most memorable times of high school. I have many memories at Lake Berryessa with my friends, as we would go there throughout the school year and summer on clear, hot days. It was, and still is, my favorite hangout spot that is tied. Scholarships, awards: Principal Honor Roll award, National Honors Society of High School Scholars for excelling my AP exams in junior year, athletic awards. In 10 years: I imagine myself living somewhere near a beach in California with a career that I am not only successful at, but happy with. Although my career will most likely be time-consuming, I still hope to keep discovering new places throughout California and beyond that, I can travel with my family. Lastly, I would like to own the following dogs: two corgis, one Labrador and one Jack Russell terrier.

Shaun Innes

Next year: Attending UC Berkeley in the fall. Career goal: CFO of a major company. Highlights: Attending tournaments with the Speech and Debate Team, hanging out with friends, my Study Abroad program in Berlin. Scholarships, awards: Regents Scholarship UC Davis, Tiger Global Case Competition North American Finalist, California Boy’s State 2020 Delegate, CBYX Semifinalist. In 10 years: I would probably be working as a financial analyst at a bank or corporation.

Ian Ix

Next year: Attend college and become part of the marching band at my college, and start progressing toward a graduate degree. Career goal: Mathematician, neuroscientist or neurologist. I am pretty undecided on what I want to become, but I know the next step for me. Highlights: Some of my best memories were going to Disneyland with the marching band, competing in band competitions with my friends and going to parties. Scholarships, awards: I have achieved multiple honors in school achievements, became an Eagle Scout the summer before my junior year, and became an AP Scholar passing three AP exams. In 10 years: I hope to be starting a family, have already finished my graduate degree, and hopefully have a job I enjoy that pays well.

Mankirat Kaur

Next year: I don’t have anything specific in mind, just going to college and testing the waters to see what I like. Career goal: I don’t have a career goal in mind, I just want to try out different possibilities and opportunities offered. Highlights: One of my biggest and most common school highlights include pulling all-nighters because there were so many assignments due at once. Scholarships, awards: Rodriguez academic excellence award. Some scholarships I have received have been from the college I’ve been admitted to. In 10 years: I will be financially stable enough to have a disposable income.

Keith Danielle Lacuna

Next year: Go to Napa Valley College and prepare to transfer to a four-year for my nursing degree. Career goal: Nurse and pursue to either be a nurse practitioner or a doctor. Highlights: None. Scholarships, awards: None. In 10 years: Working and traveling the world.

Jackilyn Laffey

Next year: Although I have not decided on a school, I plan to go to college to start my undergraduate degree. Career goal: I play to be in the design industry whether it be graphic design or interior design or something of the sort. Highlights: I really enjoyed all my four years of high school, my favorite part would have to be playing on the tennis team. Scholarships, awards: None, yet. In 10 years: I see myself traveling a lot and possibly having a family. I want to have a job that I really love and a wonderful house in a city.

Jadelien Lieu

Next year: Attending and dorming on-campus on UCLA with a major in biology/pre-med and a minor in political science. Career goal: Doctor or biological researcher, but I am still open to multiple specialized fields of interest. Highlights: Varsity Badminton for four years. Scholarships, awards: Badminton Team Captain, Volunteering at the Matt Garcia Holiday Festival, Principal’s Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Scholar-Athlete, MEL All-League, Badminton MVP, TGCC National Finalist. In 10 years: I see myself recently graduated from medical school and working for an accomplished company in either NYC or LA. I’d be actively involved in politics and organizations working towards social change and human rights and equality. I can also see myself owning a few pets and traveling a lot with friends.

Trina Lim

Next year: Attending a four-year university as a biology major. Career goal: I hope to be active in the medical field. Highlights: Exploring different extracurriculars and meeting friends. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete. In 10 years: I see myself probably still in school, but I hope a chicken is still my favorite animal.

Alyssa Linehan

Next year: Attending Solano Community College and then transferring to a four-year college to get a degree in biotechnology. Career goal: Biostatistician. Highlights: Along with meeting so many amazing people, I was also in leadership and was project lead and editor of KROD, the school’s video newscast. Scholarships, awards: Good Character Youth Award, the AP Scholar Award, and Academic Excellence Awards. In 10 years: I see myself with an established career living a life in which I am happy, content and surrounded by the people I love.

Lilian Lu

Next year: Continuing my education by majoring in biomedical engineering for college. Career goal: To work in a biotech industry developing clinical drugs and prosthetics. Highlights: Being a part of the leadership program and improving our school culture, being the vice president and secretary/treasurer of Key Club and Robotics, respectively, and being the violin soloist for the 2019 REU field show. Scholarships, awards: Dan Gorfain Memorial Scholarship. In 10 years: I see myself as a successful, happy and healthy individual who has made advances in the medical community especially in research toward curing cancer.

Lauren Magliocco

Next year: Attending San Diego State University to study sociology, spend lots of time at the beach and making new friends. Career goal: I don’t have a set career, but I know that my goal is to help people in need and advocate/work toward a change in our system for the better. Highlights: I participated in the marching band and jazz band all four years, competing in the NCBA and NCPA circuits. Some of the best moments were winning the NCBA Championships, going to Disneyland with the band, and performing in all of the competitions over the years. Scholarships, awards: Sophomore of the year and Junior of the year for Winter Drumline, and the NCBA Scholarship. In 10 years: I hope to be happy with what I’ve done so far in life and be financially stable, have good relationships in my life and be doing something that is fulfilling and makes me happy, and hopefully is bettering the world around me as well. I also plan to still be playing music, no matter if it’s just for fun or not.

Reyna Magtanong

Next year: Attending Solano Community College for my general education and then transferring for nursing. Career goal: Nurse. Highlights: Football games, homecoming, hanging out with my friends. Scholarships, awards: Multiple dance awards/placements. In 10 years: I can see myself as a nurse living in San Diego.

Mia Mangayayam

Next year: Going to a community college and taking courses, on top of the necessary that will earn me child development credits. This will open up job opportunities that’ll be stepping stones toward my desired career. Career goal: Pre-K or elementary school teacher because I love interacting with children, but I’m also considering being a pediatric occupational therapist. Scholarships, awards: Principal’s Honor Roll, scholar-athlete, perfect attendance, most improved badminton award. In 10 years: I see myself engaged with a dog, probably living in San Jose. I see that I’ve drifted off from even my best friends, but only because we have separate lives now, but that we take occasional trips to get caught up.

Mikayla Martinez

Next year: Attending UC Santa Barbara and my major is undecided. Career goal: I’m not sure what I want to do for my career yet. Highlights: Relaxing and talking with my friends in A-quad at lunch. Scholarships, awards: Academic excellence awards but the scholarships I applied to have not sent out their decisions yet. In 10 years: Happy, with at least one pet, lots of houseplants, and doing something that I enjoy as my career.

Ximena Moreno

Next year: Attend a four-year university and pursue a major in political science. Career goal: Lawyer. Highlights: Four years of student leadership, two years of JV softball, three years of Latinos Unidos club, one year of Solano Youth Coalition, one year of Link Crew. Scholarships, awards: National Honors Society, Scholar-Athlete. In 10 years: I see myself practicing law in a top law firm and hopefully starting a family.

Victoria Morillo

Next year: I’m still unsure of where I’m going at the moment. Career goal: Doctor, possibly in neurology or emergency medicine. Highlights: Making memories with friends, football games, bus rides. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete Award, Academic Award. In 10 years: I hope that I have graduated medical school and on my way to start residency.

Jacob Morris

Next year: Search for a job and iron out my plans for college. Career goal: Psychologist/therapist. Highlights: Attending the unofficial senior sunrise events with my friends and classmates earlier this year was definitely a highlight for me. Scholarships, awards: I have received awards for attendance and for maintaining a high GPA. In 10 years: Hopefully doing something I would be proud of.

Alana Muzzy

Next year: Attend Diablo Valley College where I will explore my interests in different classes. Career goal: Find a career that allows me to tap into my passion of helping others, and to make an impact in other’s lives. Highlights: Scholar-Athlete, receiving my academic letter, Academic Excellence each semester of high school, Honorable Mention on the National Spanish Exam, Athletic Awards for soccer and track, Soccer: freshman through senior year. Scholarships, awards: None, yet. In 10 years: I will be 28 years old, happy, surrounded by great friendships, in a profession that I love, traveling often, possibly married and going wherever the Lord leads me.

Sophia Elise Pacifico

Next year: Attend Solano Community College, and eventually transfer to SF state’s nursing program. Career goal: N/A. Highlights: Having a wonderful last marching season alongside an amazing trumpet section. Meeting and growing closer to my best friends; watching them overcome adversity and become more true to themselves. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: Enjoying my own company!

Sophia Pardo

Next year: Go to Napa College, engage in a STEM program that will benefit me a lot for my career in pre-med, and save up money for when I transfer to a four-year, hopefully, Davis! Career goal: Pediatrician and get my master’s. This process is not easy and it will take me about 11 years to complete. Highlights: Getting Varsity in my sophomore year of badminton, getting a mini solo in my junior year of concert band, doing Symphonic band and waking up at 6 a.m. to go to comps., becoming a Link Crew Leader and simultaneously tutoring for Spanish, as well as helping my classmates out in French. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: I see myself at my 2/3 years of residency to become a doctor and officially get my master’s. During this time, I will be helping out doctors around the hospital and analyzing what it is that I need to do.

Savan Patel

Next year: Going to Purdue University to study computer engineering. Career goal: Software engineer and revolutionize technology. Highlights: Being homecoming prince in my junior year, being part of the varsity soccer team, and experiences I was able to share with the people of the leadership class by being part of something greater. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete multiple times, Highest Honor Award. In 10 years: Finally being able to partake in the change in technology.

Riona Jodi Retiro

Next year: Enjoying college. Career goal: Physical therapist. Highlights: Playing varsity badminton for four years. Scholarships, awards: MVP for two years. In 10 years: Working as a physical therapist, traveling the world and adopting two dogs.

Aldrin Sembrana

Next year: I just got admitted into UC Berkeley for computer science in the College of Letters and Science, so my plan is to spend next year there living on campus in the dorms. I would like to make connections and be friends with a lot of people at that time and enjoy the college life. Not only that, but I am also striving to learn more about coding, algorithms, etc. to build a foundation that will help me get internships or any extracurricular work experience. Career goal: Software engineer at NASA, and along the way, pick up any occupation within the realm of technology. Highlights: Definitely be being a part of the winning team for the CIF Sac-Joaquin Cross Country D2 Sophomore Championships as a freshman and also having a virtual prom with all my friends at the beginning of quarantine. Scholarships, awards: Scholar athlete award for all four years of high school, I moved up to varsity as a sophomore for cross country, and the academic excellence pins that were given to students. In 10 years: With how fast-paced life can be and how quick things can change, I can’t really say anything specific about where I see myself in 10 years. However, I do hope that by that time, regardless of what I am doing, I will be happy and continue to have ambitions that drive me even further to better myself.

Ashmeet Singh

Next year: Majoring in biology at UC Santa Cruz. Career goal: Pediatrician. Highlights: Being Treasurer for Key Club. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: Studying and gaining experience to become a pediatrician.

Arianna Siruno

Next year: Attend a four-year university. I’m currently choosing between UC Davis and UC San Diego. Career goal: Physician’s assistant and work in a hospital. Highlights: Attending school events (homecoming, Rodchella, night rallies); making new friends in clubs and classes; winning in marching band competitions; partaking in the leadership class. Scholarships, awards: Cal Grant, Western Undergraduate Exchange for UNR. In 10 years: I want to have traveled around the world, established a successful career for myself, and have started a family.

James Snyder

Next year: Attend Diablo Valley College. Career goal: Mechanical engineering. Highlights: Playing varsity soccer, homecoming. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete Award, Honors Award. In 10 years: Working for an engineering firm.

Mateo Suarez-Hevia

Next year: Attend UC Berkeley and thrive. Career goal: Make money and love my occupation. Highlights: Drum Major, Low Brass Section Leader, Founder of Environment Club, 4 years of Water Polo, four years of Swim, four years of Marching Band. Scholarships, awards: Highest Honors. In 10 years: Hopefully happy.

Ariel Tenenbaum

Next year: Attending California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and majoring in aerospace engineering. Career goal: Astronaut. Highlights: Track & Field varsity all four years and two years of Cross Country. Scholarships, awards: Scholar-Athlete Award, All Track & Field MEL 2nd place 4×100 relay, Track & Field-Highest Fundraiser. In 10 years: I see myself working in space exploration in some way.

Jenna Vela

Next year: Attend a four-year university to major in biology. I haven’t picked a college yet, I’m still waiting to hear from some of them. Career goal: Successful pediatric oncologist, I want to help people and our future. Highlights: Making my lifelong friends and maintaining a high GPA throughout my four years. Scholarships, awards: I was awarded a scholarship to study abroad in Berlin, Germany over the 2020 summer. I have also received many merit scholarships for universities based on my high GPA. In 10 years: I see myself in my medical residency learning to become a doctor that can change lives.

McKenzie Velando

Next year: Attend a UC school to study neurobiology, and getting involved in some kind of research experience and volunteer work. Career goal: Doctor. Highlights: Spending time with friends, experiencing AP Chemistry and AP Biology, going to football and basketball games, and meeting people through the REU. Scholarships, awards: Principal’s Honor Roll. In 10 years: I see myself being surrounded by close friends and family, being involved in art and medicine and traveling.

David Watson

Next year: I will be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Career goal: Engineer for civil construction or city authorities. Highlights: Cross country and track and field competitions and training. Scholarships, awards: 2017 Division 2 Sophomore Boys Cross Country Section Champions team, 2020 MEL cross country All-League. In 10 years: Successfully employed and starting a family.

Abigail Wood

Next year: UC Berkeley for mechanical engineering Career goal: Not sure yet. Highlights: Captain of Women’s Varsity Water Polo. Scholarships, awards: MEL All-League for water polo, four years scholar-athlete. In 10 years: Working.

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